Sales – 20 years of expertise in the industry and a qualitative network

Benefit from our experience and extensive network
Whether you are a brand new player or a well established company that launches a new activity, you will always benefit from having an experienced wingman next to you. After demonstrating succesful operations in the beer industry for more than 20 years, Maudgal Int. is able to leverage your business. The uniqueness in the services we provide is based on this specific experience and competences, next to the extensive networks in Belgium and abroad.

Export – How to organise sales to your target regions?

“Belgian Beer” is a marvellous billboard, but how do you sell it abroad?
You realise that the concept of “Belgian Beer” holds promising perspectives for foreign markets. You aim to explore beyond your local market. You are right! Exporting, however, is more easily said than done. Every country has its own set of rules and customs.

There’s a high chance that the country you wish to export to embraces different safety, health or even labelling measures. Maudgal Int. helps you to find market for your product as efficiently as possible. We advise you in the cultural realm and list up countries in which your brand is most likely to become a commercial success. We steer your growth progress. We find the most suitable foreign trading partners through a very specific screening procedure and thanks to our extended international network.

Maudgal Int. assists you in excelling your talent
Lately, we have seemed to move into an era where companies do not distinguish themselves any longer by their access to financial assets. Instead, their major assets can be found in the talent of their employees. Talent is the main source for growth. However, companies very often lack the skills to disclose these talents. Maudgal Int. helps you to discover talent and to bring out the best in your employees. In doing so, they will develop a passion for your brand an they will become the spokesperson who passes on your story and brand DNA. Your own employers are the ultimate agents of your brand. We create your personal beer academy, a community of team players in which your brand DNA can be developed to the fullest extent.

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